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Sandy Beach

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#KidsLivesMatter is Power4Life Ministries'

Emerging Community Development Corporation. With the mission to provide ESSENTIAL ITEMS

for children who are in need, #KidsLivesMatter
aims to EQUIP children in the inner city
community for success.


Impact One to Multiple Families In Need!
Visit the DONATE PAGE for more information.

Your partnership will help Power4Life to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost, hurting and to those who are truly

in need. Visit our Partnership page for more information.

Join Power4Life for invigorating praise and worship and a radical cutting edge word from the Lord that promises to be life changing! Visit our Community page for more information.

Power4Life is a full
multi-faceted ministry designed for adults and young adults to live out their God-given destiny on Earth. Living life "On Purpose" is a must! Visit our About Us page for more information.

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Thanks for your interest in the Power 4 Life Ministries.

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