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Hope can be a reminder that better days are yet ahead.


We are able to provide support to the residents in the community by offering celebrations and events that are designed to increase the social, educational, mental, and economic development of men, women, and children. We provide opportunities to gather the residents together to celebrate at various times throughout the year, in addition to our monthly gatherings in the community.  We also provide scholarships for inidividuals pursing post high school education.  

Annual Ultimate Day of Giving - An annual day focused on giving back to meet the needs of others.  Attendees may receive personal care items, clothing, furniture, with an emphasis on special and fun giveaways such as TV’s, and bicycles, as well as portable fans and clothing. Select families may receive items such as furniture, beds, and gift cards. 

Power of Freedom - Families that Power4Life supports throughout the year are invited to celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Attendees enjoy a banquet-style dinner and inspirational entertainment. This event also serves as an annual “seed-raiser” for Power4Life.

Annual Holiday Mega Celebrations - During the holidays, Power4Life gives families the opportunity to enjoy a full holiday meal with all the trimmings as well as receive gift cards, groceries, clothing, toys and other items for the holiday season. At each of the above mentioned events, spiritual development opportunities are available for residents and guests who attend events and celebrations as an option.

Annual #KidsLivesMatter Mega Celebrations - Power4Life's emerging CDC (Community Development Corporation) called #KidsLivesMatter is raising the bar for "What Matters Most" to kids.  Kids want fresh meals, new beds, new supplies for school, new clothes, new toys, and a support system of adults who are willing to ensure that the "needs of kids" are provided on a "consistent basis".  Several times a year, KidsLivesMatter hosts various events and programs for under served kids and their families, where our partners provide the needed items above along with health and wellness screenings and services.  Find out more about #KidsLivesMatter by visiting our website 

Interested in giving, CLICK HERE.





Scholarship Programs
Power4Life awards

scholarships to individual(s)

who have demonstrated a commitment of helping

those who are in need

and a commitment to

serving in the community.  


Building Better Lives
Power4Life helps families

who are in need of
furniture and essential
items for persons who are transitioning into a new

home OR need items at

their current residence. 

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